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Cornerstone Skate Shop, Stellenbosch's one & only dedicated skate store - located right next to Helderberg Men's Residence on Piet Retief Street - is a premium skate shop that specializes in everything, from board maintenance advice, to trick tips, to helping you build up, & purchase, the skateboard or longboard that is perfect for your specifications & needs. What's more, our shop is lined with a variety of brands such as Sector 9, Gunslinger, Independent Trucks, Arbor, Almost Skateboards & much more!





Diameter: 53mm | Durometer: 99a |
R 299,00 incl tax
These beefy and sick looking slide gloves with and all leather design will keep your hands secure and comfortable.
R 899,00 incl tax
42 Grit | Pack of three 10″ x 11″ sheets |
R 180,00 incl tax
Durometer: 83a | Diameter: 75mm | Contact Patch: 56mm | Core Placement: Off Set | Lip Shape: Square
R 650,00 incl tax

Preset Color